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Open House Event Touts By-the-Book Production

HAUPPAUGE, NY—Muller Martini and Nipson recently teamed up to host an open house at Muller Martini’s headquarters on Long Island. The theme for the day was short-run book production using the latest on-demand digital printing and finishing technology.

“We see 2007 as a transitional year for digital print manufacturing, during which the industry will fully realize what on-demand technologies are capable of,” noted Robert Stabler, of Nipson America. “The short-run book market will grow very strongly.”

According to Stabler, book publishers gain a number of benefits from being able to print lower quantities with digital technology. These include improved cash flow, lower inventory costs, better inventory turns and the ability to extend the profitable life of titles on backlists.

“Today’s digital book manufacturing technologies are highly advanced, not only in terms of efficiency, but also when it comes to quality results,” commented Werner Naegeli, president and CEO of Muller Martini. “In fact, these latest systems can create books with a level of quality that is nearly equivalent to traditional perfect binding workflows.”

The day’s activities centered around demonstrations of a full in-line digital book printing and binding workflow. Components of the system included two Nipson VaryPress 400 monochrome printers with EMT unwinder, a FME sheeter and stacker, and Shuttleworth Star Roller conveyor, which led into a Muller Martini SigmaBinder perfect binder, SigmaTower cooling tower and Esprit three-knife trimmer.

Nipson’s printing systems are based on magnetographic imaging with flash fusing, which can print a wide range of stocks because no heat is applied to the substrate. The Muller Martini finishing units are part of its scalable SigmaLine digital book manufacturing solution, which can also include the SigmaFolder, SigmaCollator and SigmaStitcher, all driven by the SigmaControl system that utilizes a JDF (Job Definition Format) interface to coordinate all functions of the printing and binding process.

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