According to MAN Roland, HiPrint models are optimized for high-quality printing applications and the use of in-line operations that add value to sheets—such as embossing, cold foil transfer and UV coating. The press in the demonstration area had an in-line double foiler to showcase the possibilities in printing ink on top of foil, which the press manufacturer believes will be a fast growing application.

Founded as the University of Mainz’s printing plant, the now-independent Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz publishing and printing company was a beta site for a six-color Roland 700 DirectDrive press with coater.

Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs, general manager, says the fast makeready capability of the press has enabled the printer to sell new printing applications. He cited the example of a customer that sells through dealers who now can order catalogs that are customized or “regionalized” in runs of 500 to 1,000 copies. The inside pages are printed in a longer run, and the cover form changed in short runs, to include the local representative’s logo and company information.

The ability to do plate changes in four to five minutes instead of 20 minutes and get good color on the first pull enables the shop to offer this service with “interesting pricing,” noted Schmidt-Friderichs. He added that the company did have to get its workflow “right,” with better communication and organization to ensure plates are available when needed.

Performing operations, such as press washing and plate changing, simultaneously is a key advantage, reported the company exec. Because of the shop’s focus on delivering superior quality, he also highlighted the ability of plate cylinders to be turned faster or slower, in very small increments, to quickly compensate for variations in sheet register over longer runs.

Touring a foundry is an intense sensory experience: air permeated with sulfur, the eerie orange glow of molten metal, showers of sparks that look like mini-fireworks shows and, all along the walkways, one can feel intense heat radiating off side frames and other parts left to cool. To be a good neighbor, MAN Roland said it has implemented a cleaner smelting process in the foundry, since its entire business complex is in a residential area.

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