The 2013 Printing Impressions 400

Now in its 30th year, the Printing Impressions 400 provides the industry’s most comprehensive ranking of the leading printing companies in the United States and Canada. The listings include company name and headquarters location; parent company, if applicable; current and previous year’s rankings; most recent and previous year’s fiscal sales; percentage change; primary specialties; principal officer(s); as well as number of employees, manufacturing plants and printing processes and capabilities.
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  • Les Csonge

    Congratulations to all (especally our partners)
    Number 401 – next year perhaps !
    Very proud to be working with and helping some of the top 10 and 100 print groups,
    ironically with Digital Publishing, but used to drive print sales and solidify customer
    retention – 2014 will and is proving to be a very interesting year with strategy changes,
    acquisitions and closures, the 2014 list and positions will no doubt be very enlightening.