Intelligent Mail: To Wait or Not to Wait?

Pritha Mehra, vice president of business mail entry and payments technologies, USPS

 involves maximizing postal
 discounts begins and ends with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and its Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) technology, especially in recent months. In order to claim automation discounts, mailers must switch from using the Postnet barcodes to what is casually referred to as basic or full-service IMB by May of 2011.

Simple, huh? Well, not quite. Sit down; this requires a little explaining, but it behooves you, as a printer/mailer, to do a little investigating of the options and canvassing of your mail clients to determine what is your best fit.

By USPS definition, the IMB is used to sort and track letters, cards and flats, and offers enhanced versatility by allowing many services to be requested and embedded within one barcode. It combines the data of the existing Postnet and Planet Code barcodes, along with other data, into a single barcode. The barcodes are affixed to mail trays and containers, as well as the mail pieces.

Proceed with Caution

For starters, not everyone is a fan of IMB in its current form. One such person is Mary Ann Bennett, president of The Bennett Group, who consults printers and mailers on all matters regarding the mail stream and reaping maximum benefits. She has compiled a list of 10 reasons why mailers should delay implementing the full-service IMB, but also cautions that the implementation of IMB is “very fluid” and the information is subject to change.

Bennett’s list is proprietary and will not be restated here in its full form (visit for more information), but we’ll look at a couple of talking points. Some of the major drawbacks to full-service IMB, according to Bennett, include:

• Mailers will need to invest money to participate at the full-service level, and it does not provide an ROI benefit.

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