Hannaford & Dumas Expands by Acquiring InteractivePrint.com

Jay Lenox (left), founder of InteractivePrint.com, is pictured with Steve Bryer, president of Hannaford & Dumas.

WOBURN, MA—May 2, 2011—Hannaford & Dumas has recently acquired InteractivePrint.com, also based in Woburn. Hannaford & Dumas is a full-service offset and digital printing and mailing company known for personal service and an array of printing services. InteractivePrint.com is a self-service, Web-based printer specializing in the efficient production of formulaic print materials for which reordering of similar materials is common.

This acquisition relocates InteractivePrint.com, its personnel and equipment from Sixth Rd to Hannaford & Dumas’ 30,000SF facility on Conn St.

“A Web-based division complements our existing business perfectly,” said Steve Bryer, president of Hannaford & Dumas, “In addition to reaching a new customer base with an easy-to-use online system, this also allows us to satisfy our current customers who would benefit from the online infrastructure that is already in place with InteractivePrint.com.

“For some projects, it just makes sense to send in new orders through an automated process—the customer saves money when the computer system can do some of the work. At the same time, those very same customers need personal service for their one-of-a-kind printing and mailing projects, and that won’t go away. Without InteractivePrint.com, we would have moved in the direction of online ordering for some projects anyway, but this acquisition is a smoother path than building the web-based infrastructure from scratch.”

“Striking a deal with Hannaford & Dumas and becoming part of a larger printing company came at a perfect time for InteractivePrint.com,” added Jay Lenox, its founder. “I have worked with and respected Steve Bryer and Hannaford & Dumas for many years. This merger will allow me to develop more business on the interactive printing side as well as the commercial printing side—something I have wanted to do for some time.”

About Hannaford & Dumas
Hannaford & Dumas Commercial Printers is a private, family-owned and operated company, originating in 1976, and on a steady growth path of equipment, services and personnel since. The core business concentrates on serving the printing needs of New England-based companies, where personal service and Boston-area location compliment their ability to provide efficient, competitive, high quality printing. It is a WBE/SOMWBA Certified and FSC Certified printer. www.hannaforddumas.com

Source: company release.