Recalling the PRINT 01 Show, the Long Way Home

Werner Rebsamen, Professor Emertus at RIT, Meredith, NH

I did depart Boston on American Airlines to teach a Print-Finishing Seminar at the PRINT 01 show. That evening, 400+ of us did attend a most memorable reception hosted by Muller Martini at the very top of the Sears Tower. It was a great evening, talking to professional colleagues, having a drink and watching the big, glowing sun setting on the horizon. It looked like a prelude for a great printing show to come.

The next morning, while shaving, I heard on the news that a plane hit one of the World Trade Center towers. An accident? When the second tower was hit, we all became aware that this was no accident. On the bus to McCormick Place, I informed several colleagues of what was going on. Those responsible for the trade show could not decide if they should shut down the event or keep on going. Xerox and a few others did shut down on that terrible day.

The next day, I did conduct my seminar and was surprised how many were still around. Very few of those who did register did not show.

The next day, with the airport closed, I insisted to go for it. My driver had trouble getting me to the Hilton at the airport. Luckily, I got a room and then photographed the empty airstrips. Just imagine, no planes landing or taking off at O’Hare!

Our grown-up kids living in Cleveland and Europe were aware that I did fly American out of Boston, and worried that dad was on one of the planes!

September 14, they did open the airport in Chicago but my destination of Boston was still closed. I managed to get the very last seat on a plane to Portland, ME, and from there I took buses to Concord, NH, and to my car.

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