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Prinergy Automates Page-based Workflow

August 1999
At Seybold San Francisco, Creo and Heidelberg are launching Prinergy—a page-based workflow solution that leverages Adobe Extreme technology to create customized PDF job tickets and process plans. What's so electric about Prinergy? The first joint-venture development for Creo and Heidelberg, Prinergy brings Adobe into the alliance by offering an end-to-end workflow solution based not only on PDF, but also Extreme. Prinergy is one extreme workflow management system that integrates, organizes and automates the individual tasks in prepress.


Prinergy, a page-based workflow solution being launched this month at Seybold San Francisco by Creo and Heidelberg Prepress, elevates Adobe's PDF file format and Extreme prepress architecture to new levels of prepress performance.

All hype aside: Prinergy is big.

Besides being the first joint venture technology brought to the table by Vancouver-based Creo Products and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Prinergy is the first workflow management system that utilizes not only Adobe PDF technology, but also Adobe Post-Script Extreme—a prepress architecture based on Adobe PostScript 3 that uses Adobe PDF and Adobe Portable Job Ticket Format (PJTF) to automate prepress processes, to provide a distributed digital workflow, to enable late-stage editing, to provide multi-RIP support and to ensure consistent output.

Prinergy is an Adobe PDF-based workflow management tool that organizes the individual tasks or steps in prepress and plate production. It leverages Adobe Extreme technology to provide job tickets and job ticket processors that control and perform tasks initiated by users, giving them a single, integrated product that automates preflight, trapping, imposition and color conversion.

Prinergy implements the full Adobe PostScript Extreme system, which automates the prepress process, keeping machines running at full capacity, avoiding errors and reducing lost production time. It also allows prepress operators much more control over output options, resulting in increased flexibility for activities the magnitude of just-in-time imposition.

"Adobe was a vital partner in the development of this product, supplying us with its foundation technology—PDF 1.3 and PJTF," reports David Kauffman, vice president at Creo Products. "Adobe's Extreme architecture provides a method for automation, and Adobe PDF and PJTF increases the reliability of the system, giving operators the ability to proof documents on-screen and ensuring consistent output with each job."

"Prinergy architecture includes an Extreme core with job ticket processors to execute prepress functions, but there is more to it than that. The components that extend the Extreme core are the Oracle database, the communication layer and the client modules, written in Java," Kauffman continues. "In particular, the database is what makes Prinergy a true fourth-generation workflow system."

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