The sharpest knife in the drawer

A carefully maintained and serviced knife assures a clean, accurate cut every time, even with hardest-to-cut materials.

A high-speed cutter must be able to perform precise and clean cuts not only with paper, but also with hard materials such as board, plastic, laminates, etc. One of the keys to assuring optimum performance for a POLAR cutter is taking proper care of its all-important cutting tool: the knife. Until it is ready to be installed, the knife should always be carefully kept in its special box for safety and to protect its cutting edge from damage. When a knife is to be replaced, it must never be placed on the machine table without a cardboard or a wooden support underneath. The surfaces of both the knife and the knife bar must be completely free from burrs and dirt. The threaded fixing holes in the knife and the knife screws that ensure firm and precise seating should be kept in perfect condition.

At first, all knife screws are tightened only slightly to avoid damage during their final firm tightening. As soon as the knife has been screwed down tightly and all tools have been removed from the machine table, the knife can be adjusted. At its lowest position the knife must be adjusted in such a way that it is in parallel with the machine table, slightly touching the cutting stick. The cutting stick must have been reversed or replaced before this is done.

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