Postal Reform On the Ropes

WASHINGTON, DC—In the game of pre- election politics, the people behind the postal reform effort are hoping to draw an inside straight. Those are the odds after Congress adjourned without passing legislation, thus pinning hopes of a resolution to its “lame duck” post-election session.

Buoyed by the efforts of the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service, the U.S. House and Senate worked into the final hours before adjournment to hammer out the differences between the bills (S. 1955, H.R. 22), which are aimed at overhauling a U.S. Postal Service that has worked under 30-year-old rules.

“While Congress did not complete final action on postal reform prior to adjourning for the campaign season, PIA (Printing Industries of America) is strongly encouraged by the joint efforts of the White House, Senators, Representatives and the mailing community to work together to near a final compromise on this legislation vital to our industry and the nation’s economy,” remarked Michael Makin, president and CEO of the PIA/GATF.

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