PIA Merger Overture Rebuffed by NAPL

SEWICKLEY, PA—Printing Industries of America members were sent the following letter by the association’s president and CEO, Michael Makin, to inform them of the negative reply from NAPL regarding possible consolidation discussions.

Dear Member:

As you no doubt are aware, there have been calls for consolidations within the print association community for some time. For years printer and vendor members of Printing Industries of America have suggested that the two largest associations in the industry get together – namely Printing Industries of America and NAPL.

Recently, with the full blessing of the national board of directors of Printing Industries of America, Chairman Ken Kaufman formally extended an olive branch to NAPL to consider consolidation discussions. I regret to report that NAPL has rejected this offer. While open to potential “collaborative projects” with Printing Industries of America and other trade associations, NAPL has indicated it would like to maintain its independence and autonomy, focusing on a business model centered around its consulting practice.

Printing Industries of America is certainly more than willing to explore how we can cooperate with NAPL and other organizations going forward and will continue to provide an outstanding array of products and services designed to help our members weather this economic storm and be profitable. We are grateful for your continued support.


Michael Makin, MBA
President & CEO
Printing Industries of America

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