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The Borgata captures daily customer transaction data from three different sources: the hotel system for purchase data about the room and other services in the hotel; the casino system, which captures gaming activity; and the food and beverage system for food and beverage orders in the casino or elsewhere on the property.

Based on spending habits, casino customers are assigned to a tier, which is used in combination with guest transaction data to trigger the selection of the images and the special offers made to each client. The resulting Welcome Bounceback mailer is fully variable. Along with name and address, 12 rectangular panels are customizable with images or text elements. Possible selections including special offers for spa services, dining, shopping, hotel upgrades and the casino.

“We have over 150 different images in our library, which gives us something like 35,000 different possible combinations,” Mislinski says. “Each piece is unique; every recipient gets a fully customized mailer.”

[How it Was Produced]

Every day, the Borgata transmits data from the previous 24-hour period to Vestcom, where it is stored in a Kana

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. Vestcom’s analysis tools and data are available online to Borgata sales and marketing staff to help them analyze purchasing patterns and develop the best offers to encourage return visits.

Each piece is printed and mailed within 72 hours after the guest has left the property, and distribution of the mailer runs from 2,000 to 25,000 pieces a day. Exstream’s Dialogue software is the composition program for the personalized pieces, and an IBM InfoPrint Color 130 and Xerox iGen3 digital production press produce the attractive, colorful mailers.

[The Results]

Taking a gamble on variable data marketing has paid off for the Borgata. Results from the completely personalized Welcome Bounceback mailer are double, if not triple, those of traditional direct marketing. Response rates have been in the high 20 percent range, compared to 10 to 20 percent for other types of mailings.

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