Paper Specification?Simplifying Selection

* Partnership promotes success. Collaboration early on in the planning and prepress stages helps avoid potential problems and allows artists to capitalize on the most efficient ways to design a stellar printed piece. Printers can offer specification advice based on their knowledge of pricing, supply and runnability, while designers are free to voice their concerns and preferences.

Add to this partnership a third party, in the form of paper company or merchant representative, and a winning combination inevitably results. Paper manufacturers and distributers are excellent resources for assistance in paper specification.

Potlatch, Georgia-Pacific and Westvaco are just a few companies that have made paper specification easier for designers and printers alike by streamlining their existing product lines and developing offerings that allow artists to choose paper based on its end uses and design characteristics.

—Carolyn R. Bak

A Guaranteed Resource for Recycling

In the case of Milwaukee’s The Peltz Group, one man’s wastepaper is another man’s commodity. Founded in 1953, The Peltz Group is reportedly one of the country’s largest independent paper recyclers, handling more than 120,000 tons of wastepaper per month.

The company specializes in buying wastepaper from an array of customers including printers, businesses and solid waste haulers, and selling it to paper mills as raw material. The Peltz Group recently completed a major expansion and renovation at its A-1 Recycling plant in Milwaukee, and opened regional sales offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta, in addition to its Milwaukee and Chicago offices.

In addition to processing wastepaper, The Peltz Group brokers paper for its clients.

“Even in areas where we don’t have processing plants we guarantee 100 percent movement 100 percent of the time,” stresses Brian Fielkow, director of business development for the Peltz Group. “That guarantee provides significant value to our customers, especially our printers.”

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