PACE PRESS — All Four One Partners


Technology Editor

Making it to 90 years young puts Pace Press into a select group of printers, but it is how the company reached that milestone that really makes it special.

Pace has remained a privately held, independent company while growing to more than $20 million in annual sales. This is not a family owned business passed down through the generations, however.

For much of its history, the company has been run by a team of partners, the makeup of which has changed over the years through promotions from within. The same scenario has played out multiple times: a top performer is given the opportunity to first acquire a small stake in the company, then grows his share as a previous generation of management leaves the company for various reasons. The current four-man partnership was established about 12 years ago.

Guiding Pace Press toward the century mark are President Jack Mangi (third from the left) and the company’s executive vice presidents—Jonathan Vitale, Seth Diamond and Charles Licata.

Jack Mangi serves as president of the company, having steadily risen from his start as an assistant production manager some 40 years ago. He subsequently moved into sales and then saw his responsibilities grow when management decided to expand into web printing.

Leading by Example

According to his partners, Mangi’s talent was obvious from the start and his leadership really shined over that time.

Charles Licata has also been with Pace Press for more than 40 years, but chiefly in the production side of the business. He went from being part of the production team to managing it, expanded his color expertise into web printing from his sheetfed roots, and now is an executive vice president responsible for “mainly the nuts and bolts of running the company,” as he describes his role.

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