Original Impressions Celebrates Earth Day With Two Environmental Promotions

• We have a company-wide recycling policy in order to reduce waste. The program covers inks, toner cartridges, scrap metals, cardboard, pallets, shrink-wrap, printing plates, etc. and is widely adhered to throughout our printing plant and office. In fact, we recycle on average 100,000 pounds of paper and cardboard each month.

• With client permission, we recycle useable materials such as three-ring binders, plastic cases, etc. by donating them to The Education Fund for use by Miami-Dade County public school teachers and students in the classroom.


• Our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 printing press allows us to significantly decrease our carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions generated by material consumption and printing processes of the press to more than five percent, paper waste by up to 80 percent, energy consumption by more than 15 percent and waste by up to five percent.

• Our printing plant is outfitted with energy-efficient lighting, which saves on average 75 percent more energy than previous lighting.

• Automatic ink mixers are used to eliminate the need to mix ink by hand, a conventional process that wastes inks and requires the use of hazardous solvents for clean-up. Additionally, any ink produced in error is remixed to form black ink.

• The introduction of direct-to-plate technologies has eliminated the need for film and film processing chemicals in our plant.

• We have also implemented online uploading of print proofs, which adds to our customers’ efficiency by cutting down paper use, travel time and other resources.

Green Certified Papers, Inks & Processes

• We consult our clients when selecting papers to think of eco-friendly options first. We offer a wide selection of FSC, SFI and PEFC options, as well as recycled, acid-free and processed chlorine-free papers. We also promote the use of Green-e and carbon neutral papers.

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