Open Road Taps Ingram for On-Demand Book Services

NASHVILLE, TN—May 27, 2011—Ingram Content Group and Open Road Integrated Media, a digital publisher and multimedia content company, announced that Open Road’s print-on-demand titles will be made available through Ingram’s Espresso Book Machine channel and Lightning Source’s extensive network. Included is “Hotel Angeline” (ISBN 978-1453218785), an “e-riginal” novel created during a week-long marathon of writing on stage.

“The comprehensive distribution solutions that Ingram Content Group offers Open Road give us proven and meaningful tools to help expand the market reach and sales opportunity of our print-on-demand titles,” said Rachel Chou, chief marketing officer, Open Road. “As the industry continues to adapt to the changing nature of consumer demand, Ingram’s print-on-demand solutions through Lightning Source, and its in-store distribution through Espresso allow us to reach more readers and give us a competitive edge in the market.”

The Espresso Book Machine channel available through Ingram gives publishers the option to make available the books they have stored in the Lightning Source digital library, and have those titles printed and distributed at point of sale, on-demand, in minutes. Seattle bookstores University Bookstore and Third Place Books, both with Espresso Book Machines, will be holding special events this week to promote the title. Hotel Angeline will be available at all Espresso locations globally. Lightning Source, Ingram’s print-on-demand unit, will continue to fulfill printed copies of the book.

“Being able to print ‘Hotel Angeline’ from our Espresso Book Machine named ‘Ginger’ allows Third Place Books immediate access to the book as we sell each copy—we can choose how many to have on the shelves and on display as we need to; we don’t have to worry about cumbersome returns, or any delays in re-ordering,” said Vladimir Verano, lead designer/publisher, Third Place Books. “We love that our method of production is extremely environmentally friendly—no shipping or storage in warehouses, and every part of the unused portion of the book’s manufacture is being recycled.”