Online Printer Using Sweepstakes to Expand Its Social Network

HUDSON, WI—June 28, 2011—The online color copying and printing company has launched a sweepstakes designed to engage its current and prospective customers through social media. The winner will receive a brand-new, eight-gigabyte iPod Touch, a popular model from Apple’s iconic line of MP3 players.

This is the first step in a campaign the company is undertaking to expand its social circle, including networking on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Marketing Director Jeff Corbo sees social networking as a crucial element in the new frontier of online marketing, as do many others in the field. “The social revolution is changing the way companies market themselves,” says Corbo. “Offering your clients something of actual value through social channels, instead of just self-promotion and marketing gimmicks, engages them with your brand in ways that weren’t possible five years ago.”

As part of this push, Docucopies is now using social media to inform, entertain and assist its customers. Content will include topics such as layout and design tips, marketing tips, product comparisons, deal hunting and social networking and marketing, as well as links to third-party articles.

The rules and directions for entering the sweepstakes can be found on the company’s website. A winner will be chosen randomly from the company’s social circle on Friday, July 29.

For more information on the iPod Giveaway Sweepstakes, visit Docucopies online.

Source: Docucopies