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Advertisement Launches Educational Program for New York City Students

May 6, 2011
ASTORIA, NY—May 06, 2011—The “Print Shop Day” program is expected to provide a much needed school/enterprise link to educate students in the New York City area about the printing industry and e-commerce as well as offer students insight into the diverse opportunities for growth and career opportunities they might consider, both in the printing industry and the online world. It also will provide the opportunity to tour a large-scale printing facility and learn about the printing process and how it interfaces with the print and digital media communication solutions available today.’s 30,000-square-foot production facility houses both traditional offset printing presses for large-scale, high-volume printing, as well digital printing presses typically used in smaller production runs. The facility also houses a vast collection of cutting, bindery and other equipment used in the printing production process.

The importance of the printing industry to contemporary American society cannot be overemphasized and is one of the most important industries in the media and communications sectors. It is largely responsible for the conceptualization, design and production of the graphical and print tools used for the meaningful and targeted dissemination of information to the public.

That being said, it is clear that the printing industry plays a central role in the activities of businesses, government and financial institutions, news and media agencies, marketing and advertising firms, legal institutions and schools, by providing the materials and tools for effective internal and external communication and interaction between these institutions and their staff, clients, and customers.

Building bridges between the printing and education sectors is vital, because there are numerous benefits to be enjoyed by both parties, and the “Print Shop Day” initiative is a step in this direction.

According to the company, “The ‘Print Shop Day’ initiative is all about creating vital awareness about the strategic relevance and importance of the printing industry to American society. We want students in the New York City to have a deeper understanding of how printing businesses affect them and contribute to making their world more meaningful—and by so doing, we also aim to expand their educational frontiers, and to positively inform and prepare them for possible career choices ahead.”

Benefits to the students are numerous, and include: an opportunity to relate what is taught in the classroom to a real-world situation; invaluable practical experience that can positively inform and shape future career goals, expectations or decisions; and contact with a viable local industry.


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