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Become ‘Super-efficient’

During the educational portion of On Demand, CAP Ventures set the tone at a sunrise breakfast meeting. To survive in today’s printing industry, says Associate Consultant Terry Frazier, every printing business must focus on becoming a Super-efficient Organization (SEO).

Borrowing the term from other industries in the manufacturing sector, Frazier claims a tough market and Internet technology make it essential for printers to rethink the nature of their business and focus less on quality printing (which they already do well) and more on cutting costs, adding value and integrating all services.

Frazier says statistics show that across the printing industry, $702 billion is spent on what he calls “business processes,” while only $117 billion is spent on the actual cost of printing.

“What this means,” he says, “is that SEOs will radically alter the the industry. Flexibility is the watchword.”

The SEO note was also sounded by Pesko during On Demand’s opening keynote address. He notes that the wave of the future for the entire printing industry will be a focus on “process improvement.”

“Super efficiency is a must,” he says, adding that a successful printing operation also “uses the Web as a common business tool and integrates its procurement processes.”

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