On-Demand Printing–The Pressure of Offset’s Digital Momentum

The company’s founder, Jack Harper, decided that the best way to answer these digital color printing questions would be with actual samples, so Harper House created a series of personalized postcards followed by an oversized brochure on the evolution of digital printing.

“We kept something good in their face at all times, so when the light went off in their heads for a digital color printing job, they would call Harper House,” Martin explains.

Recently, Agfa made Harper’s job a bit easier via FastStart, a set of more than 20 educational, sales and presentation tools developed by Agfa to assist Chromapress customers in developing a robust, profitable, digital color printing market.

Agfa’s FastStart isn’t alone. Most recently, Xeikon America delivered what it dubs its Market Development Kit, an educational package with a range of sales and promotional tools, from press materials, print ads and direct mail campaigns to tools for selling variable data.

“With strong marketing tools, printers can have, at their fingertips, everything they’ll need to take advantage of true short-run color printing,” Xeikon President Paul Peyrebrune projects.

The offset market will be the judge.

Accelerating the Migration
Xerox Launches DocuColor 100

Thinking of investing in a digital color output device? Here’s another choice on the product cart: the Xerox DocuColor 100 digital color press.

So, what is it?

The DocuColor 100 is based on the Xeikon DCP/50D engine and uses the same imaging technology as the Xerox DocuColor 70. The main difference between the DocuColor 100 and the DocuColor 70 is the width of its imaging area: The DocuColor 100 is wider, able to image substrates up to 19.69˝ wide.

Like the DocuColor 70, the DocuColor 100 is differentiated from other models based on the Xeikon engine by its Xerox digital front-end controllers from Scitex and Electronics for Imaging (EFI), the Scitex SX3000 DFE and EFI ZX70. The EFI component offers fast printing of customized documents using variable data.

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