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Kodak Professional bolstered the feature-set of its Kodak Professional DCS 315 digital camera by providing new firmware to enhance contour and color quality, and new software to improve the overall quality of images. Kodak also showcased its new EI (enhanced imaging) ink-jet media, designed for wide-format ink-jet printers.

Xeikon demonstrated the Xeikon eXpert Plus Solution for the DCP/50D, which smoothly integrates the second generation PrintStreamer, combining workflow capabilities with powerful RIPs and a robust package of front-end features. Xeikon also demonstrated the Nipson 7000-4000 black-and-white, web-based, high-speed digital printer with a printing speed of 196 fpm. Nipson’s open system architecture ran in a VariScript configuration.

Xerox announced two releases of production publishing software that bring native PDF printing to the DocuTech family and the DocuPrint 65. Both version 1.4 of the Xerox DocuSP controller and version 1.2 of Xerox DigiPath production software support the PDF format. Xerox also showed the first booklet maker that runs in-line with the Xerox DocuTech 6100 production printer to create an automated booklet- making system. Xerox Document Booklet System is designed for mid- to low-volume production.

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