Océ Helps Make Personalized Washington Times Edition a Success

The 60 personalized papers in the proof of concept averaged approximately 48 pages per copy, the equivalent of 5,600 8-1/2 x 11” pages. Printing these pages on the Océ JetStream 2200 system at 492 fpm took just two minutes and 14 seconds. Océ technicians cut, folded and stuffed the pages into envelopes supplied by The Washington Times. Each paper already had the name an address of the recipient on the cover, and the papers were fully imposed. The envelopes went into the mail on Friday afternoon at the same time the normal version was mailed, without any delay.

“Reader reaction was tremendously positive, with 60 percent of the respondents reporting the edition exceeded or greatly exceeded their expectations. Of the 44 survey respondents (out of 60 readers), 80 percent said it was important or very important to select different types of stories, and 70 percent said they would be likely or very likely to subscribe to an individuated publication in the future,” said Ted Agres, Deputy Managing Editor of The Washington Times. “The proof of concept offers valuable evidence that individuated newspapers have a place in the future of print journalism.”

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