New Vision 3 Summit Leadership Conference Announced by Industry Associations

“Particularly in this environment—where the economic future remains ambiguous, profitability is tied closely to productivity. As business moves at lighting speed executives are seeking a comprehensive approach to managing their businesses,” explained Ralph Nappi, President of NPES. “Service providers and vendors want market information at the bird’s-eye view, but they are also looking for real ‘in the trenches’ advice on how to apply this knowledge for immediate impact. The Vision 3 Summit will provide not just industry research and trends, but also translate what it all means for their businesses and how they can take advantage of these developments to maximize their success.”

Though specific educational programming is still being finalized, the unique strengths of each organization will make for a particularly comprehensive, in-depth conference. Specifically, NAPL will bring a business-management focus with its research and expertise on such areas as organizational development and performance measurement. Through its sister organization, NAPL will also provide expertise on the challenges facing small business owners and quick printers. NPES, meanwhile, will offer a vendor-specific perspective on the graphic communications industry, providing an invaluable “other” viewpoint of the printer–vendor relationship. Additionally, it will supply high-end, data-driven market research on the latest trends and challenges faced by the industry, through its Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) arm. Finally, Printing Industries of America will provide specialized knowledge of complex areas vital to the graphic communications business, such as updates on government legislation, and environment and safety issues. Additionally, it will contribute knowledge of the challenges faced by midsize to larger graphic communications service providers.

“Today’s graphic communications executive faces an overwhelming amount of business challenges based on issues that were unheard of five years ago,” said Michael Makin, President and CEO of Printing Industries of America. “But in the current economic environment, they must balance their need for top-level education with their operating budgets, in terms of how many industry events they can afford to attend. Given our differing areas of expertise, it made sense for NAPL, NPES and Printing Industries of America to join forces and present a single new, fresh and inclusive conference that provides everything the savvy executive needs to know to succeed in the 21st century graphic communications industry.”

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