New Data on Print Buyers Highlights Trends and Sourcing

CHESTNUT HILL, MA—February 12, 2013—Based on a survey conducted in December 2012 by Margie Dana of Print Buyers International, nearly 60 percent of print buyers say that color management is “Extremely Important” to them—but 61 percent report that they do not select printers based on certification in color management. This is among the key findings in a new research report written by Ms. Dana, which outlines several notable print buying trends.

A total of 162 print buying professionals participated in this survey. The report, entitled, “View from 30,000 Feet: Key Trends & Sourcing Practices,” is for sale as a 40-page PDF at

The online survey asked 20 questions of those in charge of sourcing print for their companies. In addition to questions on color management, there are questions on the titles of buyers, the dollar amount of the printing budgets managed, whether the buyers are sourcing more digital vs. offset printing, and what value-added services print buyers prefer when choosing print partners.

Respondents were primarily senior-level print buyers with over 15 years of professional experience. They were not compensated for their participation. The data was collected anonymously.

In addition to including all data and charts, the final report includes comments by Ms. Dana, based on her extensive experience in this field. Long considered an expert in print buying, and a former print buyer herself. Ms. Dana’s conclusions and recommendations outline action steps for both printers and print customers.

“Uncovering and identifying current trends among print buyers has always been a major goal of mine,” said Dana. “I think some of the results will surprise printers. I want to conduct more surveys this year. Information about critical sourcing trends gets more important as the industry evolves.”

Early feedback on this research includes high marks from RIT Professor Emeritus Frank Romano, who wrote, “Margie Dana” and “print buyers” —they are synonymous. Her latest research report offers insight into the changing landscape of print and the people who manage print. The report combines both meaningful data and pertinent comments about the data.”

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