Muller Martini’s Mid-Range Primera E110 Saddlestitcher to Make Worldwide Debut at GRAPH EXPO

HAUPPAUGE, NY—08/11/2010—The latest addition to Muller Martini’s Primera family of saddle stitchers, the Primera E110, will be showcased for the first time to a global audience during GRAPH EXPO this October. Featuring enhanced automation and an improved ergonomic operating concept, the Primera E110 produces 11,000 cycles per hour and delivers the best price/performance ratio in its class.

Visitors to Muller’s Booth #637 can be among the first to watch the Primera E110 in action and have the opportunity to see its exceptionally fast changeover capabilities. The stitcher is two to three times faster in make ready than previous saddle stitcher models. What’s more, it can accommodate a wide size range, including two-up and three-up production. GRAPH EXPO attendees will be able to examine other superior features “up close” as well:

• Set-up wizard. This highly intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen controls the Primera E110, and it’s this technology that delivers the shortest setup time on the market. Incorporating the AMRYS (Automatic Make Ready System) setup solution, the Primera’s feeder, stitching machine and three-knife trimmer are quickly set to the desired size.

• Automatic synchronization. Unlike earlier machines, the Primera E110’s feeder and gathering chain, stitching machine and three-knife trimmer are all synchronized automatically.

• Signature Measuring Device. This innovative feature – available for the first time in this class – allows the operator to measure all of the signature dimensions directly at the machine and is electronically inputted into the control system.

• tWin Score. Creates a high quality score on the folder feeder with no fiber cracking.

• ASIR3. Muller Martini’s proprietary Automatic Signature Image Recognition technology inspects each signature, ensuring proper sequencing with exceptional accuracy. Barcoded products will be run through the Primera E110 during GRAPH EXPO.

• Precise stitching. As with other Primera saddle stitchers, the E110 features the new, Smart Stitch Control staple function. This quality control process verifies not only the presence of the staple, but also its quality.

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