Muller Martini’s Diamant MC Bookline Now at Work in 23 Countries

HAUPPAUGE, NY—Jan. 2, 2012—First introduced at Drupa 2008, the Diamant MC bookline with innovative Motion Control technology ensures efficient and accurate production. The intelligent servo drive concept optimizes product-related movements of the individual process steps, thus increasing the flexibility and reliability of the production process even for the most difficult products.

The Diamant MC has had considerable success in the United States. Seven MC lines have been sold supporting a wide range of applications, including yearbooks, juvenile products, adult trade, and digital photo books. Since its initial introduction in 2000, 33 standard Diamant lines have been installed in the U.S. The exceptional quality, fast setup, and ease of use have built a very solid base of satisfied customers.

Steven A. Brown, president of CDS Publications, sums of the reason for the Diamant’s vast appeal: “Muller Martini was able to develop equipment to meet all of our quality and product requirements, something the competition was unable to do.”

High-tech for added value
Managing Director Detlef Brall of bookbinder Stein + Lehmann in Berlin, Germany—where the Diamant has been in use since 2009—is also completely satisfied, saying “Production has become more accurate and we can actually sell every first book. In addition, servo technology has eliminated the need for several machine parts, which means less wear and tear.”

Rolf Kanzler, head of bookbinding at Freiburger Graphische Betriebe in Freiburg, Germany, also experiences the reliability and the precision of the Diamant MC. Thrilled by its quick installation, he reports: “Only five working days after the Diamant MC had arrived at our premises, we were producing books of perfect quality and it continues. Since then, we have produced only perfectly finished books.”

Satisfied customers in 23 countries
The success of the Diamant MC speaks for itself, convincing more and more bookbinders to select it. Around 70 Diamant MCs have been purchased, nine in Germany alone. Overall, it is now in use in more than 20 countries worldwide. Users appreciate the reliability and the quality that the machine generates.

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