Muller Martini to Launch VSOP Press Based on Drent Goebel Technology

HAUPPAUGE, NY—08/04/2009—Muller Martini has acquired patents for the VSOP technology from Drent Goebel. A new Muller Martini VSOP series, offering flexible package and cardboard printing, will be launched by the end of 2009.

By combining the new VSOP series with its existing Alprinta and Concepta product lines, Muller Martini will provide printers with a comprehensive array of solutions. Complimentary consulting services will give printers individual advice on expanding into the manufacture of packaging and other commercial printing opportunities.

Muller Martini CEO Bruno Müller sees the acquisition of the VSOP patents and the launch of the VSOP (Variable Sleeve Offset Press) printing press as an important step toward strengthening Muller Martini’s position as a leader in printing press innovation and productivity.

“We are investing in solutions that will provide our customers with new business opportunities in flexible and cardboard-box packaging,” he said. “VSOP technology is designed to guarantee their success in a market with growth potential and will give us a leading role in package printing. Our customers require technology that is relevant to both current and future marketplace realities. Muller Martini will make sure that need is fulfilled.”

Yves Rogivue, member of the executive board at Muller Martini, and head of the printing-press division, commented on the next step: “The current situation at Drent Goebel hinders an easy transfer of know-how and access to spare parts. We will do our utmost to build up service and spare part expertise in our global sales and service network.”

In addition Werner Naegeli, President and CEO of Muller Martini US, stated “We’re excited about Muller’s acquisition of VSOP technology. Our web press customers will continue to experience Muller Martini’s commitment to technological excellence and service including the new Muller Martini VSOP series. We look forward to developing new relationships, while building upon those we have enjoyed for years.”

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