Motivating Graphics Set to Start Up 64˝ KBA Rapida 162 Press

Ray G. Clark (left), president of Motivating Graphics, stands with executive vice presidents Tim Clark and Chris Clark on the company’s new KBA Rapida 162 press.

While Motivating Graphics currently offers an even balance between both sheetfed and web press printing, Clark sees an increased shift toward more sheetfed work in the future. “For our company, the sheetfed and packaging market are the place to be,” he says. “Our operator manuals and guides can be easily printed on our sheetfed presses and the automation on our new sheetfeds provides us with the flexibility to print our packaging work as well as conventional printing.”

Another important component for Motivating’s success is its environmental stance. The firm is dedicated to monitoring production activities using key business decisions, sound practices, established objectives and meeting goals to eliminate its internal and external environment impact and pollution while implementing and maintaining a documented environmental management policy.

“During the past several years, we’ve seen our customers employ aggressive design styles for their packaging to promote themselves within new markets,” says Clark. “They are looking at a variety of substrates and asking for environmentally-friendly options. We’re providing a value-added service by offering an environmentally-friendly print method. Our new Rapida 162 will allow us to reduce or eliminate more waste, produce our products even faster, and use less makeready—all of which helps our environment. It’s a stance that is important to our customers as well as to our firm.”

The new KBA Rapida 162 joins two additional KBA presses: a five-year-old Rapida 105 41˝ sheetfed press and a five-month-old Rapida 142 56˝ eight-color sheetfed press along with two web offset presses.

Clark and his management team have positioned the firm to take advantage of the current economy and capture new business in the future. Motivating operates three facilities in Central and South America: two plants in Reynosa and Guadalajara, Mexico; and a facility in Brazil. “Our offshore printing business has been strong,” he says, “while the U.S. market for the past two years has been soft. But we’re seeing a slow gradual pick-up within the U.S. market and we’re very well positioned. Our new KBA Rapida 162 64-inch press is a necessity for us.”

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