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Intro to Selling Profitably
By Harris DeWese

This blog series is derived from a book—”A Year of Selling Profitably”—I wrote 
several years ago. In this session, we will review the five most common reasons salespeople do not prospect, or do so 
infrequently and ineffectively…

The Sheridan Group Consolidating Publication Plants

The printing operations of United Litho 
located in Ashburn, VA, will be consolidated into Dartmouth Printing’s facility in Hanover, NH. According to the Washington Business Journal, 80 jobs will be eliminated as a 
result. Sales and customer service staff will continue to operate in the Dulles/Ashburn, VA, area to support customers…

The Right Way to Call Print Buyers
By Margie Dana

My last PI blog post dealt with print 
buyers screening sales calls. It doesn’t mean your calls won’t be returned—just that you’d better leave something 
memorable in that voice mail. The last thing I want to do is put words in your mouth when you call a prospect…

Job Hunt Often Hardest 
On Older Workers

Many older workers who get laid off face additional obstacles, and Ron McFadden, 60, is sensing that this may now be true 
of him. McFadden was ultimately a casualty of the Quad/Graphics printing plant collapse. While he worked there, it was called Quebecor, then World Color…

Quad/Graphics Making 
Super Bowl Programs

The nearly 1,300 workers at Quad/Graphics in Lomira (WI) are feeling a little more proud of their work these days. They’re in charge of publishing the official Super Bowl program for the sixth consecutive year. There is a downside to the story. Because of the quick turnaround to get the programs out, many workers had to miss Sunday’s NFC Championship (Packers) game…

House Votes to Stop Printing Bills—After Printing Hundreds of Copies of that Bill

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