Introducing Business Cards with Near-Field Communication Capability

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI—Sept. 27, 2012—Committed to cutting-edge design and technology,, the award-winning online printer and branding resource, announced plans to release business cards that are near-field communication (NFC) enabled. The cards will be available in early 2013, but 150,000 Moo customers will have the opportunity to participate in an open beta test later this year for free.

This innovative communication tool will combine Moo’s impeccably designed Luxe Business Cards with the frictionless technology of NFC to create a tangible, yet digital way to share marketing content via any NFC-enabled smartphone.

Moo’s new business cards with NFC create a unique “third side” to the business card, allowing companies to go beyond just sharing contact information to showcasing their brand in an innovative way both offline and online. With NFC technology, users have the ability to write and rewrite the URL on the chip to direct people to whatever digital properties they choose:

  • a real estate agent could highlight different listings daily;
  • a local retailer could highlight seasonal sales and promotions, limiting the need to create costly marketing materials, as well as provide a map to its location; and
  • a jewelry designer at a street fair could link to a product catalog.

“The business world is constantly evolving and adopting new technologies that streamline communication, and we at Moo believe the digital printing market should adapt to bridge the gap between online and offline identities,” said Richard Moross, CEO and founder of “For the past six years, Moo has been dedicated to helping businesses, both big and small, create an offline identity and curate a brand that is as unique as its people. With the roll-out of our NFC cards, and our recent acquisition of, a design-led personal identity site, we are showing our commitment to expanding online personal and professional identity creation.”

  • Mark Henry

    Probably the most brilliant idea I’ve seen in years

  • Russ

    The only downside I see is that you would have to have a smartphone or tablet, etc that has NFC enabled technology built into it. I did read though that it is estimated that 1 in 5 smartphones will be NFC enabled by 2014. I guess we’ll see where it goes!

  • MBP

    How does the functionality of this compare to printing a QR code on the card? Just trying to understand why this is better.