Montreal Newspaper Outsources Printing to TC Transcontinental

MONTREAL—August 18, 2014—As a sign of the times, one of the oldest newspapers in North America is outsourcing its printing to cut costs, slashing more than 100 jobs in the process, reports CTV News Montreal. Of the lost jobs, 54 were full-time positions and 60 were part-time.

The Gazette of Montreal was formerly printed in-house at its print production facility in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. But its parent company, Postmedia, has contracted TC Transcontinental to print the city’s most popular English-language paper. TC Transcontinental is also based in Montreal.

Postmedia plans to sell the building that houses the printing presses, following similar changes at its newspapers in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

According to its Website, The Gazette began as a French-language paper in 1778, became bilingual in the late 1700s and ultimately changed to an English-language newspaper in 1822. Today, 57 percent of Montreal’s English population reads The Gazette‘s digital or printed format.

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