Mitsubishi Imaging Creates a Sustainable Buzz at GRAPH EXPO

The ecologically friendly Thermal DigiPlate is a truly processless system that uses a patented thermal fusing technology to create a high-contrast image on the plate without chemical development, wash-off or ablation. The system eliminates the need for chemicals, toner, ink ribbons, processor maintenance and chemical disposal reducing the impact on the environment.

Grace Pearlescent Inkjet Media
Also introduced by Mitsubishi Imaging at GRAPH EXPO, was Grace Pearlescent inkjet media, a first of its kind metallic inkjet photo media which is compatible with all aqueous wide format inkjet printers. Grace Pearlescent, with its unique, high gloss surface finish is similar to silver halide metallic photo paper and offers exceptional image clarity and brilliant color reproduction. Grace Pearlescent is ideal for high quality photo reproduction, professional and commercial photo applications, and graphic display and signage uses, such as POP.

“The applications and markets for specialized inkjet media continue to grow and our new Grace Pearlescent paper was very well received by visitors to our exhibit, who were impressed by the uniqueness and overwhelming vibrance of the product”, said Steven Vallario, Director Digital Imaging Marketing, Mitsubishi Imaging. “In addition there was consistent interest in our Diamond Proof media portfolio”.

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About Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc.
Mitsubishi Imaging, a leader in sustainable green technology, provides state-of-the-art imaging products manufactured by Mitsubishi Paper Mills, Ltd., and technical expertise to printers in both North and South America. It supplies innovative and ecological CTP solutions to the printing industry, incorporating the benchmark SilverMaster® and Silver DigiPlate™ plate materials and its next generation of processless DigiPlates. Mitsubishi Imaging also provides the widest range of inkjet media to meet any high resolution imaging need, and offers its branded Diamond Jet, Diamond Proof, Pictorico and Grace Drylab inkjet substrates for proofing, photo and poster printing applications. Visit for more information.

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