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Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens, a former successful quick printer and now the owner of, is highlighted in author Guy Kawasaki’s latest business-to-business marketing book.

This includes, as one reviewer noted, embracing sales and marketing “push” technologies like presentations, e-mails and Twitter as active ways to enchant buyers, as well as “pull” technologies like Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to passively draw them in.

Stevens sold his quick printing business to a local competitor in 2006, but continues to run a marketing services company for printers called His core group of customers (typically shops with seven to 30 workers) hire Stevens’ various spinoff firms to build, host and optimize their Websites; develop e-mail and direct mail marketing campaigns; and provide daily content for printers’ social media efforts, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blog posts. Over the years, Stevens says he has assisted more than 7,000 printing firms. He also pens a marketing ideas blog (

Stevens feels too many small business owners lack the proper discipline to actively manage the sales and marketing efforts of their shops. Too often, he says, they’re bogged down helping out at the front counter, operating a press, making deliveries or keeping their computer system running. Nor do they know how to earn the trust from customers necessary to achieve the lasting enchantment that Kawasaki tries to teach.

The book details how to implement real-life changes that can make a printing firm enchanting—like Stevens eventually did, before he accepted an offer that he couldn’t refuse to sell his shop. But, he didn’t then ride off into the sunset. Stevens remains committed to giving back to an industry that has forever captured his devotion.

Mark T. Michelson

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