Meet the Poor Illinois Guy Whose Weekend Lamborghini Crash has Become YouTube Gold

The driver whose weekend wipeout of his yellow Lamborghini has become YouTube gold (video included with story) is a 39-year-old Illinois (printing) business executive who “just lost it as he accelerated,” according to witnesses quoted in an accident report. William Whitaker was cited for “failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident,” noted Wheeling Police Department officers.

Whitaker, president of Thiessen Communications, a commercial printing firm, did not return messages left at his office and on his cell phone. He lives about 15 miles from the crash scene in a gated community where he last year purchased a home for $650,000.

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Source: The Smoking Gun.

  • Robert

    WHAT JERK LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    Is this Printing Impressions or the National Inquirer? This has no business on here, not exactly news that will impact anyone in the print world now is it? Lets get back to business and leave the "caught on video" garbage to the folks at TRU TV.

  • widge

    John you must really be a stick in the mud!!! lighten up Francis! Enjoy some humor……………or do you own a wrecked Lamborghini?


  • Paulie Orfalea

    Was that Lambo a PMS 102 Yellow?!

  • LMAO

    Greatness, Paulie!!!! LOL

  • Steve

    The driver of the car filming this should have stopped to render aid or provide a police report as an eyewitness. In PA (where I live) it’s required by law. Shame on him for making two illegal u-turns to gawk and then driving off!