McGraw-Hill Sells Digital Centers to Cunningham

JERSEY CITY, NJ—While many of the industry’s consolidators are hunkering down, Cunningham Graphics keeps on growing. Its latest addition is five digital printing centers previously owned by The McGraw-Hill Companies.

The acquired digital printing operations are located in Cincinnati; Dallas; Hightstown, NJ; and Los Angeles. All represent new markets for Cunningham.

Concurrent with the transaction, Cunningham signed a five-year agreement for production of the print products published by the F.W. Dodge unit of The McGraw-Hill Construction Information Group.

Cunningham Graphics has a three-year relationship with McGraw-Hill as a supplier of digital printing and distribution services.

“This acquisition, which is significant to Cunningham Graphics, is in line with our strategy to expand our business with existing valued clients,” explains Michael R. Cunningham, chairman and CEO.

Cunningham officials say they plan to expand the centers’ capabilities with the installation of new, advanced Internet-enabled communications systems and the newest releases of Xerox DocuPrint high-speed digital presses. The centers will offer a wide range of print-on-demand, distribute-and-print and Internet-enabled services for digitally produced output such as time-critical financial documents, technical bulletins, educational courseware and on-demand books.

“Our relationship with McGraw-Hill began with our work for just one publication,” notes Cunningham, “and the quality and consistency of our performance have since earned us additional assignments for more than 20 of their titles. The outsourcing of these vital digital printing centers to us makes a clear statement about the high confidence that McGraw-Hill has in Cunningham Graphics International.”

Cunningham also intends to run the facilities on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week schedule, as it has in its other printing and distribution facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia. The centers currently operate on a single shift, Monday-to-Friday schedule, dedicated primarily to F.W. Dodge reports production. The increased capacity and around-the-clock schedule will enable the centers to continue their current daily production of F.W. Dodge publications, while providing Cunningham Graphics with the flexibility to add new, incremental business volume to their operations, according to Cunningham officials.

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