McCoy Printing Installs an Inca Onset S40 High-Volume Inkjet Printer

Andy Riberdy, President of McCoy, counts on his Inca Onset S40 from Fujifilm for outstanding quality and production speed.

“We knew there was more we could be doing for our customers,” said John Toombs, sales manager at McCoy. “There were some jobs we couldn’t compete on, mainly because of run length and quality expectations, but the S40 provides us with lower cost compared with our offset presses, especially on short run lengths. Now we’re able to provide higher quality, shorter run lengths, and faster turnaround times, and pass along cost savings to our customers.”

Color management was another critical aspect of the selection process for McCoy, an area where Fujifilm’s expertise provided a definite advantage. Fujifilm’s Print Performance Team worked with McCoy and helped them to earn G7 certification. All print methods—screen, offset and digital inkjet—are now running to G7 standards and producing consistent color across all three print technologies.

In addition, using ColorGATE software, the printer was able to consolidate all of their existing RIPs into one. McCoy now has a single production platform and one operator interface with the ability to drive all equipment in the shop.

“It’s a tremendous achievement for us,” Riberdy said, “to have one standard interface across all platforms. We now run all our inkjet equipment, including competitive inkjet presses and our computer to screen device with one RIP.”

Toombs spoke of one particular customer, a “global communications company,” that has demanding color standards in order to ensure brand integrity. “The company produces a number of campaigns, in varying run lengths and in different formats, some offset, and some wide-format. The G7 print method and consistency in our color management gives us the ability to deliver the color integrity they demand, across all of the devices in our shop.”

“New technology is always a good story to tell,” Riberdy said. “We talked to some of our customers about our new capabilities with the S40, and they were absolutely stunned by the quality of the samples we showed them. Customers were constantly asking us when the S40 would be up and running so that they could take advantage of the new technology to produce their next job.” Toombs added, “We’re finding new applications for the S40 every day. This is a real avenue for growth for McCoy.”

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