McCallum Print Group Eliminates Prepress Imposition Burden with Metrix

Metrix ganging also earned high praise from the team at McCallum. “Now, ganging multiple product sizes is so much faster and easier,” said Graham. The fact that Metrix “does the math” adds value in other ways too: “Our job engineers had calculated a particular job at 10-up, but Metrix found a way to do it 12-up. Metrix shows you what’s possible,” she explained.

Leah Graham concluded by saying, “We absolutely love Metrix and are glad to have the opportunity to tell our story.”

About Metrix
Metrix Software is a privately held company founded in 2003 by Rohan Holt. Holt invented the first production planning software for the sheetfed market in 1995, and Metrix®, Metrix Software’s flagship product, is the culmination of Holt’s years of print production experience and accumulated software design expertise. Metrix, launched in 2004, received the prestigious 2005 PIA/GATF InterTech™ Technology Award, recognized industry-wide as a symbol of technological innovation and excellence. With offices in Edmonds, Washington, Turnhout, Belgium, and south of Sydney, Australia, Metrix Software is a software company focused on providing key tools and technologies to enable print workflow automation. Metrix Software is a full member of the CIP4 Organization.

Source: Metrix.

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