Maxcess Promotes Doug Knudtson to Chief Operating Officer

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—Dec. 20, 2011—Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for the web handling industry, announced the promotion of Doug Knudtson to Chief Operating Officer. In his new role, Knudtson will accelerate improvement efforts which are underway globally.

Knudtson brings extensive human resource, quality and operational experience to the position, most recently have served as vice president of global operations. Prior to joining Maxcess, he was the president of Scott Office Systems. Knudtson has deep and varied experience in global operations, gained through 19 years with Brady Corp. in a variety of progressive roles, including vice president of global operations overseeing 65 manufacturing facilities in 20 countries. He holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Wisconsin.

“Doug’s leadership has helped Maxcess to leverage our global manufacturing footprint to better meet the unique needs of our customers,” said Greg Jehlik, CEO of Maxcess. “As COO, he will help the company to further align operational priorities and improve the customer experience through product development, quality and on-time delivery.”

“We are focused on improvement; being more responsive, lowering defect rates, delivering faster, developing innovative new products and leveraging our global capabilities to become a better supplier to our customers,” said Knudtson.

About Maxcess
Maxcess helps the web handling industry maximize productivity with convenient access to innovative products and services worldwide. By bringing together the leading brands of Fife, MAGPOWR and Tidland, Maxcess has built an unrivaled network of application experts with over 170 years combined experience to help customers improve efficiency and production quality anywhere in the world.

Source: Maxcess.