Integrated Marketing Successes: Crossing the Channel

Families learn more about Kiddie Academy through integrated campaigns.

Phil Catalano, Prompt Direct's director of integrated marketing.

The University of Texas at San Antonio Alumni Association sought to bolster its retention program. Only 5 percent of its membership, non-lifetime, were renewing their association membership annually. So, the association reached out to local cross-media marketing campaign specialist the e.f. group.

The Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine sought to bolster its fundraising campaign using several components. One postcard containing a personalized URL was mailed to each alumnus.

The landing page included the year of the recipient's graduation, as well as a class picture.

Lyon College worked with CustomXM to develop a cross-media campaign that incorporated direct mail, PURLs, e-mail and Augmented Reality. As an added enticement to those who filled out their profiles, the school offered recipients a chance to win a new Apple iPad.

A personalized direct mail postcard kicked off Lyon's campaign, encouraging recipients to log their field of study and extracurricular interests via a PURL.

“Today’s organizations use many different channels to communicate about their brands. The challenge is to integrate this communication in a forward-thinking, cohesive way that maximizes the impact of each message,” explains Carol Wolicki, vice president of marketing for WebbMason. “Our Interactive unit helps clients find targets and gain their interest, convert targets and gain their business, and prove value and gain their loyalty.”

Target Audience: The event marketing campaign targeted prospective Storytime LIVE! attendees located near Kiddie Academy’s learning centers.

Structure and Components: WebbMason worked with Kiddie Academy to create a customized outreach, tracking and lead distribution application that automated many processes the child care organization had been handling manually. The integrated, multi-touch campaign included the following components:

  • Personalized QR codes printed on all direct mail pieces, enabling each recipient to access his or her customized registration microsite using a smart phone or other mobile device;
  • Personalized landing pages that enabled visitors to search for StorytimeLIVE! events by ZIP code;
  • Automated reminders and follow-up notices based on recipient action (or inaction);
  • Customized registration and opt-in for Kiddie Academy newsletters;
  • Social media page that enabled registrants to send event information to friends by e-mail or post to Facebook;
  • Analytics dashboard that acted as the nerve center for all facets of the campaign—activity could be monitored in real time, 24/7, and campaign effectiveness could be measured and refined;
  • E-mail marketing that effectively engaged registrants with updates and outreach communications;
  • Additional e-mail marketing that delivered timely communications to individual franchise locations on the status of campaign initiatives and lead generation results.

Results: With 83 percent of Kiddie Academy’s educational child care centers participating, the integrated marketing campaign developed by WebbMason generated a 39.21 percent conversion rate for Kiddie Academy—65 percent higher than a manual, conventional event marketing campaign Kiddie Academy held the previous year. The program also generated 1,784 program registrations, as well as a 28 percent increase in Kiddie Academy’s Facebook fans.

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