Manistique Papers and FutureMark Paper Folded into Umbrella Group

WESTPORT, CT—Sept. 28, 2012—FutureMark Paper Group has been launched as the umbrella group for the two recycled paper producers that previously operated as Manistique Papers and FutureMark Paper. The combined organization is now the leading North American provider of responsibly made high-recycled paper for books, magazines, catalogs, retail inserts, business papers, commercial printing applications and packaging.

FutureMark Paper Group aligns the executive management, business development, marketing and operational functions of FutureMark Paper and Manistique Papers. Its uncoated recycled papers will be made at that FutureMark Manistique facility, while the FutureMark Alsip facility will produce the group’s coated recycled papers. Industry veteran Steve Silver will serve as FutureMark Paper Group’s President and CEO, overseeing both manufacturing facilities.

“In addition to sharing a senior management team and board of advisors, our two recycled mills share a strong history of innovation,” says Silver. “Combining the unique production capabilities of these two mills creates a platform for faster growth and enables us to achieve operational synergies that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. We’re joining forces at a great time in the market to take advantage of the momentum behind environmental paper.”

Combining capabilities for improved performance

FutureMark Paper Group is strategically aligning the talents of its Manistique and Alsip teams to accelerate product development, spark innovation and enhance the business value it delivers to customers.

• By cross-pollinating best practices in operations, predictive maintenance and new technology between the two mills, FutureMark Paper Group will accelerate development of high-quality products and lower the environmental impact of its manufacturing activities.

• Sales and marketing resources are now realigned to better serve the group’s green customer base with a unified brand and complementary products.

• The group is optimizing paper transportation routes between its two manufacturing facilities and their suppliers and customers to speed delivery and decrease its transportation footprint.

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