Mailing Rates for Flats Reconsidered

WASHINGTON, DC—Even with postal reform on the horizon, the mailing community is still battling to maintain viable rates.

Unfortunately for them, postal reform is still a year away and increase requests by the USPS still threaten to further choke off a communications stream that is dwindling in volume. In a hugely ironic twist, mailers recently found themselves appealing to the USPS for relief—and found satisfaction for catalog mailers.


Members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) pelted the USPS’ board of governors with letters protesting some of the rates recommended by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) for standard flat-shaped mail, rates that could jack up the price of mailing catalogs by as much as 40 percent. DMA membership called on the Governors to resubmit those rates to the PRC for reconsideration, and the board consented.

According to the DMA, the PRC’s proposed rates for flat-shaped mail were more than double what the USPS had originally requested in May of 2006.

“In the face of overwhelming evidence, the (Postal Governors) chose not to move forward with a decision that was certain to be detrimental to many postal customers and to the very future of postal operations,” said DMA President and CEO John Greco Jr. in a statement.

The rates that the PRC has been asked to reconsider will take effect May 14, under protest, pending the board’s final decision on the further recommendations of the PRC.

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