Mail-Well Undergoes Identity Change

ENGLEWOOD, CO—Call it “The Swan,” printing industry style.

Mail-Well Inc. was in need of a makeover, but while there were no liposuctions or tummy tucks made famous by the Fox television series, the veteran Colorado printer is undergoing a major transformation. The latest retooling of the printer came with the April announcement at Print Oasis that its name would be scrapped in favor of Cenveo, with the tagline of “Vision Delivered.”

The new name is pronounced senn-VAY-oh. Its name and logo are derived from the combination of the syllables “Cen” or center, and “Veo”, which relates to vision and understanding. The name is intended to invoke images of a company that is “open and approachable, energetic, creative, instinctive and decisive,” according to the company release.

The Cenveo logo provides a visual representation of the center, or hub, with dots that “signify people, ideas and resources coming together to create customized solutions.

“Mail-Well is a very different company than we were last year when we were aligned by product lines and conducted business under a variety of different company names,” noted Paul Reilly, Cenveo president, CEO and chairman. “Our new company name, logo and tagline provide an overall identity that unites the broad portfolio of solutions we provide.”

The identity change is the second phase of a reorganization plan instigated in late 2003 designed to create a more streamlined organization that focuses on customer needs and easy access to a broad selection of products and services.

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