Magazine and Pamphlet Company Shuts Down Without Paying Workers

Sixty people are out of work, with no pay in Eureka, MO. The company (Infinity Fulfillment Group) closed with no warning; they’re owed three weeks pay, workers said. Until the final hour, they’d been working seven-day weeks, after taking a 10-percent pay cut.

Workers did binding work on magazines and pamphlets for Cenveo, a printing company. Infinity leased space from Cenveo in Eureka. Cenveo was the only source of business for Infinity.

As workers worried, company officials said they’d been meeting with state employment authorities to work things out with Cenveo to get the workers paid; maybe even reopen the business.

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Source: Fox2.

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  • Tom Boesman

    I bet the owners are drawing! I have seen this happen more than once.!

  • Jeff Martin

    Cenveo, hire your own workers.

  • Franklin, TN

    That’s the direction my company is headed. Just waiting for the day that payroll doesn’t go through!