Linemark Printing Puts Heidelberg Prinect Performance Benchmarking to Work

KENNESAW, GA—August 17, 2012—Linemark Printing is among the vanguard of U.S. printers that are putting the benefits of Heidelberg’s 2012 InterTech Award-winning Prinect Performance Benchmarking to work in their organizations.

According to President Steve Bearden, “We were looking for a way to measure how well we were performing, both in comparison with other firms, as well as internally, within and between shifts.” Equally as important, “We were prepared to take immediate action to improve in areas where we were falling short, down to the operator level.”

For the past six months, the company has been receiving data that compare the performance of its four-year-old Speedmaster XL 105 to that of similar presses operated by other firms in its peer group. This enables Linemark to determine whether that press is operating at, below, or above the average production of other print manufacturers in similar print segments with similarly configured presses.

Prinect Performance Benchmarking analyzes achieved production speeds, waste vs. good sheets, and time efficiency, helping Linemark to understand and identify performance optimization potentials in and around the press.

Knowledge Begets Quick Action
With those data in hand, explained Vice President of Operations Adam Rutkowski, Linemark could readily see that it was performing “less well in some areas than we thought, and better than we thought in others.”

The company quickly recognized not only the significance of information obtained in this way, but also the value of putting it to practical use in its continuous improvement activities.

One result of this dynamic, for example, was the company’s decision to have its operators complete an online Assessment Evaluation to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and make suggestions for improvement.

“We use it as a positive reinforcement tool to stimulate an atmosphere of friendly competition,” Rutkowski said.

The company ramped up quickly, he added, “Because if you want to be competitive in this business, you have to take every opportunity to make your equipment and your staff as capable and efficient as you possibly can.”

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