Lake County Press — Armed to Compete

LCP’s next biggest market is brochures, both the folded and booklet varieties. Pharmaceutical concerns, medical accounts, banks and financial institutions comprise a good deal of its customer base.

A third product specialization is high-quality, distributor-oriented consumer product catalogs. They run the gamut from household appliances to toys and sporting goods, as opposed to general interest, mass-produced efforts.

Varied Client Base

The printer also counts member services/associations, publishing and computer software companies among its client base. “We print a lot of high-impact color work,” Schoenherr says. “This includes marketing- and sales-oriented materials designed to evoke a response. We have a wonderful reputation in Chicago, the Midwest, even nationally.”

Howard Ruhle, bindery foreman at Lake County Press, proudly stands before the company’s MBO B-32S/644 Perfection buckle folder while jobs are being finished behind him.

LCP has earned that reputation due, in part, to its aggressive capital investment campaign. One area where this is evident is in the postpress area, where LCP has acquired an MBO B32-S/644 Perfection buckle folder with continuous feeder, and bolstered by the Navigator system for simple job setups and the Datamanager control system. The folder, with a 6-4-4 configuration, will be followed by an additional Perfection model (a 4-4-4) to be installed later this year.

Lake County Press is quite familiar with MBO America’s handiwork, having acquired equipment such as MBO buckle folders and press delivery systems. “They called on us two years before we purchased our first MBO machine, and just kept encouraging us to try their products,” states Tom Oberembt, senior vice president and director of manufacturing for LCP. “After we installed two presses with the ability to do aqueous coatings in-line, we began to have issues controlling the folds on the slick coatings during the finishing stage.”

That was about the time that LCP gave MBO America a tryout. “We put them through extensive testing on several substrates, with and without coatings, various thicknesses of stock, as well as coated and uncoated covers,” Oberembt remarks. “We found that the MBO folders did a tremendous job of holding tolerances. The configuration of the spiral rollers, along with the polyurethane, really gripped the problem jobs that we had been encountering before.”

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