Kodak to Unveil Innovative Products and Solutions at GRAPH EXPO

  • Sonora XP and Sonora News Process Free Plates, which deliver print capabilities similar to traditionally processed plates, plus enable printers to eliminate the processing chemistry and equipment and related costs from their platemaking operation
  • Kodak CTP Devices image more than 30 percent of digital offset plates worldwide. Kodak continues to develop CTP technology, and the new Kodak Trendsetter 1600 Platesetter enables printers to utilize advanced Kodak Squarespot Imaging Technology. It is an affordable CTP device for large-format platemaking, based on the popular Kodak Trendsetter Platesetter platform
  • The Kodak Intelligent Prepress Manager 2.0 (iPM 2.0), which is now available for the Kodak Trendsetter 800 Platesetter and the new Koadk Trendsetter 1600 Platesetter, offers enhanced plate line monitoring features and mobile connectivity for access through mobile devices, allowing customers to harness greater productivity and efficiency from their plate line systems
  • The new Kodak INSITE Prepress Portal System version 6.5, which provides secure Web access into the print workflow, enabling users to start and submit production jobs, track progress, collaborate on changes, proof and approve work from any Internet-connected computer, including through an application approved for APPLE iPad Tablets
  • The new 36″ (914 mm)-long cut sheet capability for the Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Color Press, which enables printers to offer a greater number of applications, including point of sale, book covers, dust jackets and more
  • The Kodak NexPress Gold Dry Ink, which is one of the latest in new solutions for the Kodak NexPress Fifth Imaging Unit. Containing no VOCs, the Gold Dry Ink provides printers with the ability to print in line at full rated speed for a metallic look. Field trials for this new solution start this month
  • The award winning Kodak NexPress Red Fluorescing Dry Ink Solution, which helps printers provide increased security and fraud protection on documents, packaging, promotional, and direct mail materials. The Red Fluorescing Dry Ink Solution is a recipient of a 2012 Intertech Technology award
  • The Kodak Prosper S-Series Imprinting Systems, which include the S5, S10, and S20, are available in black or CMYK configurations at speeds up to 2000 fpm (600 mpm). In addition, the S30 Imprinting System is available for black configurations at speeds up to 3000 fpm (900 mpm). Producing laser-like quality for imprinting at a range of speeds and resolutions, Prosper S-Series Imprinting Systems bring high-quality personalization to offset print jobs using nanoparticulate pigment-based inks that deliver excellent permanence, rich colors, and outstanding scratch, fade and water resistance on a wide variety of commercial substrates. In 2011, Prosper Systems printed more than five billion pages

The booth also includes an area where industry professionals can learn how Kodak Solutions can help them achieve their sustainability objectives and deliver sustainability benefits to their business and clients.

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