Kodak Polychrome To Add Horsell Anitec

NORWALK, CT—Further tightening its grip on the markets it hopes to dominate, Kodak Polychrome Graphics, confirming months of speculation, has reached an agreement to acquire Horsell Anitec, a supplier of graphic arts films, plates and paper products.

Horsell Anitec is owned by International Paper and operates as part of its Imaging Products Division. The acquisition will include Horsell Anitec’s sales, marketing, distribution, research and development, and manufacturing operations, including production facilities in Binghamton, NY, and Holyoke, MA, as well as plants in Europe.

Approximately 1,800 Horsell Anitec employees will become Kodak Polychrome employees (Kodak Polychrome already has more than 2,600 employees). No announcement was made about potential layoffs.

The ripple effects of this move may be felt within the industry for months to come, as Kodak Polychrome’s competitors come to grips with the new power player in their midst. The conventional wisdom says that more mergers and partnerships may be in the offing.

Horsell Anitec’s recent products include Electra DC, a thermally imaged computer-to-plate product.

“Horsell Anitec is highly regarded in the industry for its innovative technologies and an impressive portfolio of quality products and capabilities,” says Mark W. Stewart, CEO of Kodak Polychrome Graphics. “This acquisition enhances the competitive position of Kodak Polychrome Graphics as a global company, and further solidifies our ability to grow and provide customers with the industry’s most complete range of graphic arts products and services.”

“Combining Horsell Anitec’s capabilities with those of Kodak Polychrome Graphics is exciting,” adds William S. Slowikowski, vice president and general manager of the Imaging Products Division for International Paper. “It provides significant opportunities for expanding the success of our technology, products and people in serving the worldwide prepress and printing industry.”

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