Kodak Pointedly Says It’s Not Divesting Digital Printing Holdings

ROCHESTER, NY—02/06/09—Eastman Kodak launched a multi-channel message blitz to get the word out that it is looking to expand its efforts related to electrophotographic printing technology (Nexpress and Digimaster product lines), not divest the operations. The campaign was spurred by a Wall Street Journal article that suggest Kodak was considering selling several of its business, the other being on the consumer side.

The paper later published an item in its “Corrections & Amplifications” section that in part reads: “…Kodak says it doesn’t plan to sell Kodak Gallery, NexPress or two other operations. Instead it plans to reposition them by finding partners to share their costs, licensing technology or other means. The article incorrectly said Kodak was considering selling the businesses.”

Kodak rushed to correct any misperceptions that resulted by sending out a Twitter message, posting a (http://www.youtube.com/v/uj3tEAPOatI&#038) video message for CEO Antonio Perez on You Tube and holding an old-fashioned telephone conference call with industry media and analysts. A transcript of the presentation to investors that led to the kerfuffle is available as a PDF download on the company’s website. Industry analyst Jim Hamilton of InfoTrends also addressed the confusion in a InfoBlog posting.

During the telephone briefing, Kevin Joyce, worldwide vice president of sales and marketing for Digital Printing Solutions, Kodak Graphic Communications Group, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to toner-based and inkjet digital printing technologies. Joyce noted that demand at the high end of the digital printing market has not developed as fast as Kodak originally projected, but the company is continuing with its strategy for the business sector.

Perez and Joyce both stated that Kodak believes it can get better performance out of its toner-based printing operations. Expanding the product portfolio with mid- to light-volume and enterprise solutions is one option, they said. The company also continues to explore various forms of partnerships and alliances to enhance its marketing/sales and technology development efforts.

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