Kodak Brings Digital Quality to Conventional Flexographic Plates with New Flexcel SRX System

ROCHESTER, NY—April 30, 2010—Delivering innovative solutions once again to flexo printers, Kodak is leveraging the core technology used in its award-winning Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic System in the new Kodak Flexcel SRX System. The Flexcel SRX System offers all the print stability and robustness of a conventional flexo plate with the tonal reproduction of a digital system at an affordable price.

“The new Kodak Flexcel SRX System provides an entry level into the superior print benefits afforded by Kodak’s flat top dot technology and proven flexographic plate imaging technology,” said Doug Edwards, General Manager, Prepress Solutions and Vice President, Kodak. “Customers are now able to enjoy the tonal range of digital flexo with the robustness and consistency of conventional flexo plates.”

Like the Flexcel NX System, the Flexcel SRX System features flat top dots and Kodak SQUAREspot Imaging Technology to deliver improved tonal reproduction and excellent print stability. The high-resolution SQUAREspot imaging capabilities of the Kodak Trendsetter NX Imager enable one-to-one reproduction of the digital file on Kodak DITR 4401 Film, a material that requires no chemical processing and delivers excellent image capabilities compared to traditional film. The film mask is then used to expose Kodak Flexcel SR Flexographic Plates, available in a wide range of sizes and durometers, to produce a conventional flexo plate with the tonal reproduction that the industry has come to expect from a digital solution.

With the new system, a wide range of users can experience the print reproduction benefits of digital flexography at a competitive price, with the impression latitude, plate durability and on-press performance of a conventional plate.

Furthermore, because the two Kodak Flexcel Systems use the same imaging device, customers have the flexibility to simply and easily produce plates on either the Flexcel NX System or the Flexcel SRX System, allowing them to respond to the needs of individual clients and designs.

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