K&D Graphics Showcases New Press

ORANGE, CA—K&D Graphics welcomed customers during an open house recently to view its new 12-color, 41? Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 which, at 120 feet in length, is one of the world’s longest sheetfed printing presses. The 150-ton press is capable of perfecting six colors on both sides of the sheet in a single pass. It also features double in-line aqueous/UV coaters and a Cutstar roll feeder. The company is a family operation with the K in the name standing for wife Kim and D for Don Chew. Daughter Bebe, and sons Gus and Montri, are also part of the business.

Montri Chew, vice president and CFO, explains that his father built the 75,000-square-foot building in 1996, with 45,000 square feet devoted to the printing operation. “How many printers do you know that have a plant, a Thai restaurant and 12 badminton courts under one roof?” he points out.

Passionate about badminton, Don Chew sponsored the five U.S. players who competed in the Beijing Olympics last year.

Acknowledging that K&D Graphics made a huge commitment by adding the XL 105 press to its two other six-color, 40? Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 CDs, Montri Chew says it is part of a long-term planning process.

“My father saw that commercial printing was going to shrink, but that packaging opportunities would grow. He wanted the flexibility this press gives us to produce both.”

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