JUST Normlicht Beats Record Sales at drupa 2012

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY—May 16, 2012—JUST Normlicht was one of the 1,850 exhibitors at the international print trade show drupa for the past two weeks. There its displayed the company’s state-of-the-art color viewing and color matching systems, along with GL Optic’s light measurement instruments.

These light measurement instruments, created by GL Optic, led JUST Normlicht to surpass its previous sales records for the trade show.

“The success of breaking our record sales for the show is greatly due to the GL Optic products, which measure light to the current ISO 3664 standard,” stated Michael Gall, owner and CEO of JUST Normlicht. Even though the attendance was down for the show since 2008, JUST Normlicht continued to surpass expectations.

About JUST Normlicht
JUST Normlicht is a manufacturer and a distributor of innovative lighting technology for the printing and graphics industries. It is a leader in color matching technology for the printing industry, constantly developing ground-breaking instruments, used by companies all over the world.

Source: JUST Normlicht.